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CHA HPMC Branding "Beyond Community" Print Ad

CHA_Branding_Print AD.jpg

CHA HPMC Acute Rehabilitation "Make the Best of Your Life" Print Ad

CHA_Acute Rehabilitation_Print AD.jpg
CHA_Acute Rehabilitation_Print AD_2.jpg

CHA HPMC RN Recruitment "We Take Care of You" Print Ad

CHA_Nurse Recruitment_Print AD_Asbarez_10_x15.5__1st_012523.jpg
CHA_Nurse Recruitment_Print AD_Asbarez_10_x15.5__2nd_012723.jpg
CHA_Recruitment Advertorial_Asbarez_10_x15.5__011723.jpg

CHA HPMC Women Service "Precious Moments" Print Ad

CHA_Women Service_Eng_1.jpg
CHA_Women Service_Eng_2.jpg

CHA HPMC RN Recruitment "Superhero RNs"

CHA_RN Recruit_2.jpg
CHA_RN Recruit_1.jpg


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